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Eynsham Street Lights 11 Dec 2023 An official explanation for the new arrivals, in case you haven't guessed already

Eagle eyed residents have probably noticed the sudden arrival of new lamp posts and street lights all over the village. Thanks to Dave Leighton for raising this with Eynsham Online.

The Country Council has a note on LED replacement work which explains things: we quote...

‘We have identified areas that have lighting columns coming to the end of their structural life. We will be using the newest technology including LED lights to replace them. The new streetlights will operate more efficiently, save energy, need less maintenance, and reduce costs in the long term.

‘Where required we will not only be replacing the lighting unit but the column itself. We are not planning to move any columns. To keep disruption to a minimum, we will fill holes and remove barriers by the end of each day.

‘Each replacement may take between 4-5 hours to remove the old column, install the new one, and get it connected.’

County Councillor Dan Levy agrees: ‘Replacement of all the lights is saving a large amount of money, reducing the carbon emissions of the county, and of course all lamps need regular replacement after a period in any case’.

Did you know??

  1. You can report faults on FREEPHONE 0800 317802 anytime; please give the unit location and number if possible.
  2. Our Services AZ also has pointers for Flooding, Gas and Pest Control, Road Repairs and Street Lights, Waste and Water... to name a few! Bookmark it today :-)


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