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Eynsham Village News

Starlings over Eynsham 3 Feb 2023 And still they come! The murmuration remains a regular late afternoon ‘draw’ by the Spar.

Last night's murmuration was made particularly spectacular by the arrival of a peregrine falcon, captured at around the 35 second mark by Moth Clark.

DATELINE 25/01/2023: The starling count was 23,000 last night, according to local expert Ally Bunning. Her thermal imager showed the density at one end of their most favoured roost.

thermal imaging of one of the trees © Ally Bunning

If you’re short of time, Vince Wooloff took a 30-second clip as they came into roost on 14 January...

Many thanks to Michael Lewis for the video below, captured on 5 January - well worth 2:04 minutes of your time :-)

Thanks also to Ian White, Bill Middleton and Darrin Roles for sharing their photos below.


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