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Your Voice Counts 20 Sep 2022 Six issues for West Oxfordshire’s future - consultation extended until 5 October.

UPDATE 20/09/2022: Consultation is now open until 5 October.

DATELINE 24/08/2022: The new political administration at West Oxfordshire District Council is looking to local residents, organisations and businesses for direction in updating its Local Plan and Council Plan.

This user-friendly survey invites you to rate six areas, with drop-down boxes (‘click here to read more’) for each issue raised...

  • tackling the climate and ecological emergency
  • healthy, safe, strong and inclusive communities
  • an enhanced natural and built environment
  • attractive, accessible and thriving places
  • meeting the housing needs of all
  • a vibrant, resilient and diverse local economy

You can answer as many questions as you like and return to the consultation at any time.

There’s a separate section for responses from West Oxfordshire organisations or businesses.

Help to build a picture

What do you value most about living here? Upload your text, illustration, photo, or drawing for inclusion in the Council plan!


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