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Use Your Vote! 25 Apr 2024 Check out our candidates for election to the District Council on Thursday 2 May - and don't forget your Photo ID...

Three of our four candidates have now supplied a profile and we still have space for the fourth. Nicholas Goodwin (below) will be representing the Green Party).

Nicholas has lived in Eynsham for twenty years. He works for the University of Oxford, cycling there regularly but grateful for the H2 bus service when it rains. His daughters attended Bartholmew school and his grandchildren are following in their footsteps.

West Oxfordshire is a good place to live with many thriving community groups and a strong awareness of green issues. It was therefore reassuring to hear the Hight Court has supported the idea that West Oxfordshire District Council can require developers of the Salt Cross, north of the A40, to provide good quality, net-zero-carbon homes.

Members of the West Oxfordshire Green Party, including our district councillors, have expertise in solar technologies and in food, farming and soil health. We are scrupulously investigating the Botley West Solar scheme, and looking for ways its environmental and community benefits could be maximized. If the proposal is supported by the National Planning Inspectorate, we want it to be as beneficial as it can be.

The Green Party, Liberal Democrats and Labour group (the ‘West Oxfordshire Alliance’) aim to work for everyone in West Oxfordshire. They have funded community groups helping people with the increasing cost of living and pressured Thames Water to reduce sewage leaking into the river but there is so much more to do.  We must find new ways of tackling the climate crisis, such as supporting the Community Action Plan to reach Zero Carbon.

Please use your vote to ensure the effort continues.

You now need Photo ID to vote at a polling station


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