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Closer than You Thought 18 Nov 2022 With 39 bins strategically placed around the village, one is never far away...

West Oxfordshire District Council has been rationalising its provision of dog waste and litter bins in the last 12 months or so. Most have been replaced by new, dual purpose bins, making it easier for people to find one and reducing the time required to empty them as well.

The exercise is now complete for Eynsham; thanks to Cllr Andy Goodwin for sharing the results.

View the interactive map

Zoom in for Eynsham and select the bin type if need be - dual purpose bins are shown in red. There are 39 bins in all and a total 842 across the district.

DATELINE 28/11/2019: Following several reports of litter around the village, residents may find it helpful to know where the nearest bins are. As you will see, they are never far away. There are 30 litter bins and 23 dog waste bins in all.

A new map of dog waste and litter bins is shown below. Blue symbols show dog waste bins, green symbols show litter bins.

Eynsham Parish Council doesn't necessarily own all the bins but it does pay to have them emptied every day. If you find one overflowing, especially in windy weather, please email the Clerk with location details.


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