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Conduit Lane - Latest 11 Aug 2022 Reopened at last, following a temporary fix: a victory for common sense

Conduit Lane will reopen shortly, with large concrete blocks retaining the damaged walls. This will make it narrow, but useable. The full repairs should be done later in the summer.

In hindsight, this temporary fix could have been put in place on day one, but the expectation was that any closure would not be for long. The County Council revisited the site after some recent vandalism, and found the way of reopening the route.

Cllr Dan Levy says that he will keep trying to get the permanent repairs done as quickly as possible. It hasn't been the best operation to date, but the end is at sight.

DATELINE 22/04/2022: An Oxfordshire County Council planning application 22/00636/FUL is now on view on the District Council website. It proposes demolition and rebuilding of stone boundary wall in a revised position to allow footpath widening.

The Heritage Statement has more details, amidst a wealth of interesting background information. Key points of the proposal are quoted below.

  • ‘6.1 carefully dismantle and reconstruct the section of wall at 5 Mill Street one metre to the south of its current location. The widening of the lane will allow for safer ... use of the lane...
  • ‘6.2. mitigation measures in the form of the installation of an information board documenting the history of the site and the use of stone laid flush to the floor along the original path of the wall.’

Two category 'C' trees (of low quality, limited merit, etc) will be removed to implement the scheme. The Arboricultural Report proposes various protection measures for one (ash) tree of ‘moderate to high value’.

Deadline for comment has been extended to 20 May

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Emergency Closure - 19 November 2021


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