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Eating in Eynsham

The quality of Eynsham produce goes back to the Abbey Fishponds and lives on in the allotments and the Village Show. Our suppliers range from a former deli with splendid aspirations to a one-stop fruit & veg shop. Download a parking map, drop into a local café, or sample our many pubs.

Eynsham foodie Helen Peacocke says we are spoilt for choice (below). Check out her Seasonal Recipes - now easier than ever to search.

Few living out their childhood in Eynsham directly after the war, when sweets and meat were rationed, will forget the joy of collecting a loaf from Biggers the bakers, in the very centre of the village.Those warm crusty loaves were unforgettable and seldom arrived home without at least one crust missing. Sometimes two. The longer the journey, the smaller the loaf that reached the kitchen table.

Sadly Biggers closed down some years ago - and the bakery at corner of Mill Street in late 2017. That aroma of freshly baked bread no longer permeates the streets that lead to the village square.

Then there was the small general grocer's shop next to the Chemist, and later in Old Witney Road, run by David and Peggy Knight who would go out of their way to stock all we needed. In their crowded little shop the potatoes were weighed on a pair of red scales with brass weights. That comforting thud of potatoes being tipped from the brass bowl into the shopping basket still lingers in the memory.

The village was also lucky to have a fine family tradition in Golsby Butchers, who went out of their way to source local meat wherever possible. You could order a certain cut here and have it prepared just as you like it. Standing in their queue on a Saturday morning was rather like being a member of a very friendly club where everyone knows everyone.

But times change. Most of us buy our potatoes in plastic bags now, from the Spar or the Co-op, though The Market Garden also offers more exotic produce - and locally grown at that. And current offerings from Cornucopia Cooks are in a class apart. Welcome now to Cricks of Eynsham!

Eynsham Country Market has a superb selection of locally grown fruits and vegetables too. They also uphold the village tradition of home baking. No one could ask for a better selection of home-baked goods, including a fine selection of savoury dishes.

The village also boasts an Indian restaurant and takeaway in Newland Street and a superb Indian & Bangladeshi restaurant in Lombard Street, where customers are made to feel at home immediately.

There’s a Chinese takeaway too, a Fish and Chip shop and several sandwich outlets.

As most of the pubs sell food now, and freshly cooked meals feature on the deli menu ... eating out, or buying prepared food to take home, is easy. We are almost spoiled for choice, particularly as the Co-op stocks Fairtrade goods and now goes out of its way to embrace changing food trends and stock items once found only in Oxford; and Eynsham’s very own Traidcraft Fair Trader contributes further to reducing our carbon footprint.

And if you fancy relaxing with one of the tastiest cups of coffee this side of London, while munching a slice of home made cake, the Wholesome Earth Cafe (former Emporium) serves that too.


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