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About Us

Good Neighbour Network

The Eynsham Good Neighbour Network is run entirely by volunteers and exists to support anyone in need in the village.

Volunteers help people with a variety of tasks including local shopping, minor household repairs, reading aloud or regularly catching up over a cup of tea. We have been able to do a one-off garden clearance and have helped with occasional decorating.  We can collect prescriptions, take people to the Day Centre and sometimes we are able to arrange transport for social visits.

We are always happy to discuss something you need. If we can't help - maybe we can suggest someone who can!

Call the Network on 07443 564 516 to leave a message at any time, or you can speak to one of the coordinators between 09:00 and 18:00 from Monday to Friday.

The Good Neighbour Network works together with the local food bank and the  Eynsham Car Scheme. Read more details on this page.

Eynsham Food Bank

The Food Bank is funded by donations from the local community. Residents of Eynsham and the surrounding villages are able to self-refer if in need of assistance with food provision.

For help or donations call 07450 328530

And see news about the scheme on our dedicated page: Eynsham Food Bank

Eynsham Car Scheme

We offer transport to health care appointments including vaccine appointments. Do ring us for advice and to make a booking: 07469 764174.

Would you like to help?

No regular commitment - just read the email list of journeys needed each time it comes out. If you can offer one or two drives a month it would mean we don't have to turn down people who need our help. To learn more telephone 07469 764174

Eynsham Car Scheme has provided transport for elderly or infirm parishioners to hospitals and clinics for over 45 years - read the background.

Do you need our help?

You can call and leave a message at any time. Our volunteer co-ordinators will answer your call when they can during working hours on weekdays, but messages are checked regularly and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.Do ring as soon as you can - that way you can be more sure we can find a driver for you.

Telephone 07469 764174

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