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Housing for sale or rent in Eynsham comes in every shape and size: check with estate agents for a full picture. The village has many attractions for residents and newcomers - commuting, bringing up a family or retiring. Local facilities are enhanced by a wide range of shops, schools and social activities and a good bus service.

The street map, updated in 2018, is a splendid start for house-hunters and newcomers to Eynsham. Another map (preview right, or below on mobiles) indicates approximate ages of housing in different areas; cafés, pubs and restaurants; and amenities ranging from the allotments to play areas. The A-Z of Services includes local Council Tax rates.

Recent developments include:

  • MERTON COURT affordable housing consent was granted for a Rural Exception Site off Merton Close in 2009 and opened in 2011. Applicants for affordable renting or shared ownership on a scheme of this type must register on the District Council waiting list.
  • EAST EYNSHAM planning consent in 2009 was subject to a Section 106 agreement on contributions to village infrastructure. 'Hazeldene Close' opened in 2010, with a pedestrian route to the village centre via the Bitterell footpath.

Other sites:

  • Four new homes and 3 barn conversions at 37 Acre End Street were approved in 2010 and marketed as Blankstones Farm.
  • An application for 9 homes on the old Star Inn site was approved in 2010 and marketed as Star Close.
  • An application for around 20 houses adjoining Fruitlands was rejected in 2015 and the appeal dismissed in 2016.
  • Proposals for 10-12 dwellings on Spareacre Lane were approved in 2011.
  • A barn conversion and 4 new dwellings at 17 Mill Street was approved in 2013 and marketed as Millers Cottages.
  • The Grade II listed former vicarage next door, St Leonard’s House, has been converted to 7 flats with 6 dwellings in the grounds.
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