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Aurora Solar Farm 11 Dec 2022 Checking in on yet another low carbon project on the edge of Eynsham, approved in March 2020. Where are we now?

The site lies on land at Twelve Acre Farm, between Chilbridge Road and the A40 and heading west towards South Leigh. Planning documents dating back to 2019 are available on the District Council website.

Low Carbon, the management company, claims that it "could power just over 10,000 local homes. The electricity produced will be exported to the local distribution network (LDN) with surplus electricity being stored onsite in batteries, as well as charging at times of low demand and exporting power back onto the electricity grid at times of high demand or when solar irradiation is low." Contact enquiries@lowcarbon.com / 020 7409 0700

Construction is being managed by Engie Fabricom, with updates at aurorasolarfarm.co.uk

Below, drone footage taken on 6 November and kindly shared by Gary Douglas. The scale is quite impressive!

View feature: Botley West Solar Farm


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