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Our Improved Market Square 9 Oct 2021 Work on the flower pots and paving is complete - Sandra Jinks reports

We hope you are pleased with our improved village square surrounding the newly refurbished Bartholomew Room, now our work on the flower pots and paving has been completed.

Our thanks for donations received, as without them we could not have begun to improve this important community social hub and visitor area. While working we were approached by visitors and managed to answer their questions about our local history... “We shall give Eynsham a good report on Trip Advisor” they promised.

It has been inspiring to experience the coming together of our local organisations, retailers and community to bring this about, so thank you. Also having the attention of our Parish Council to work towards continued maintenance is encouraging.

Grateful thanks to Eynsham Rotary Club, the Green family in memory of Keith Green and Rosemary Wilsdon, Evenlode DIY, Lyall & Co, Heart of Eynsham Barbers, Jessie’s Art Shed and Verity Hughes.

Thanks to Esther Clifton, Will & Laura Jefferies and Simon Hopcraft, who say they are happy to look after the refurbished pots on Mill Street.

  • And thanks again to the working party: Robin, Gill, Verity, Shirley, Jessica, Martin and Dave.
  • Financially we have a surplus of £24 to spend on any further planting.

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