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End of Season Maintenance 30 Oct 2019 For members who want to see how your money has been spent

I have uploaded some pics showing today's activities; There are too many to send by email. 

It was an early opening at 0730hrs with the delivery of 8 tonnes of Ironsand (top dressing). Unfortunately the grass was too wet for the vehicle so it was dumped on the carpark. The contractor arrived about 0830 with 2 tractors, a dumster loader and all their machines loaded onto a 40ft artic lorry. The problem was how to reverse it into the carpark. It took the driver several attempts with some swearing from other drivers who were held up as we were blocking the road.

Once the machinery was unloaded, Mark and Gareth (the contractors) set to, first deep tining to approx 5" deep followed by a scarification which pulled off a mound of thick thatch which we will need to dispose of. Both court are now covered on holes about 2" apart from the tining and continuous cut lines from the scarification. The lawns are looking in a right mess with grass debris all over the place.

A quick blowdry across both lawns cleared the debris ready for the reseed. kgs of seed was quickly broadcast by tractor with a double doze of seed dropped over the central area of both lawns. 8 tonnes of sand was then spread by tractor and spreader very quickly followed by a comb and brush over to even out all the lumps and bumps. Finally a slow release fertiliser was spread by hand pushed spreader over both lawns.

In all the the above work took 2 men (and machinery) 4 hours !!! They were gone by 3pm. Although club members might have been able to do some of the easier work, we could not have competed the work to such a professional standard and so quickly.

In summary, I think money well spent. Admittedly we won't see how successful for a few months, but certainly the tining, verticutting, fertilising and dressing will definitely be a huge step to improving the lawns. Lets hope for a some rain followed by a dry spell to get the new seed growing.

I have picked up several lessons from the contractors how we can help ourselves next year, so remember my last email when I said I would call in these offers of help.


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