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It’s OK to Croquet 27 May 2020 Passers by will have noticed that the club is open again for playing

Cassington Road has been busy with walkers cyclists and families exercising during the lockdown. They will have seen the activity on the Cricket grounds where the Eynsham Croquet Club has been renovating their lawns after the disastrous flooding which kept our 4 courts underwater from November until February.

Just as the club started to recover from the flooding,  lockdown was imposed which delayed playing even further. But the courts still needed cutting twice weekly. They have benefitted greatly from the lack of footfall and are now in great condition. Another great help was a grant of £2500 from Sports England to assist the club in recovering from the flood damage.

Passers by will noticed that the club is open again for playing. On 13 May, croquet was one of only eight sports permitted to open by the Government. 60% of English clubs reopened by 26 May, all now following new public health guidance. A croquet court is twice the size of a tennis court, so maintaining social distancing is not a problem when playing with another club member. Croquet the perfect social distancing sport!

As reported in the Sunday Times 23 May, The Croquet Association has had a 110% rise is equipment sales and a surge in inquiries from people wanting to join clubs. John Lewis said it had seen unprecedented demand for croquet sets with sales 600% higher than in the same period last year."

So why is croquet attracting so much attention? Croquet is good for your health and well being, it’s a game of stategy and skill, men and women play on equal terms. Croquet is competitive yet sociable enjoyable active and healthy . It is not always the genteel sport played out on the Victorian vicars front lawn but can be very competitive and is extremely addictive.

Readers interested in playing will find a warm welcome at the Eynsham Croquet Club, you can contact the club through their website eynsham croquetclub.co.uk or via their Facebook page.


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