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The Night Sky this February! 31 Jan 2024 What to look out for in the night sky from Eynsham.

This is not intended to be comprehensive - it is a quick guide to help you find a few things in the night sky without any equipment - just your eyes.

All of these are very bright and easy to find when walking around the village.

The planets

Venus and is morning object in the east. It is very bright rising at  sunrise - so be careful if you do use binoculars - do not use these at sunrise as you will damage your eyes.
Saturn is setting in the south west at sunset and will be gone by the middle of the month..
Jupiter is visable at sunset about and sets in the west.
The Moon is full on the 24th rising about 5:30pm in the East.

There is an International Space Station pass on the 6th of Februay - starting at 18:52hrs.

I have made or found the following charts to help you find: -

  • 1st Venus
  • 1st Saturn
  • 6th Space Station pass
  • 14th Moon and Saturn
  • 15th Moon and Jupiter
  • 29th Moon and Gemini
  • The Moon Phases


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