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The Night Sky this October! 2 Oct 2023 What to look out for in the night sky from Eynsham.

The Night Sky in October!

This is not intended to be comprehensive - it is a quick guide to help you find a few things in the night sky without any equipment - just your eyes.

All of these are very bright and easy to find when walking around the village.

The planets

Venus is in the East in the morning before sunrise.

Saturn rises at sunset  and can be seen all of the night during September - travels in the southern sky and sets in the west at sunrise. Jupiter rises about at Sunset in the East and is seen in the southern sky all night.. 

There is a partial Lunar Eclipse this month. The Moon is full on the 28th rising at sunset in the East. The partial eclipse starts about 8:35pm and lasts until about 9:50pm.

You might hear about a solar eclipse but you cannot see this from the UK.

Around the 22nd look out for the Orionds meteor shower - best seen after midnight. Also towards the end of the month look out for fireball from the Taurids meteor shower.

There are no bright International Space Staion Passes this month.

I have made or found the following charts to help you find: -

  • The Moon Phases
  • 11th Constellation Leo, with the Moon and Venus
  • 22nd The Orionds meteor shower
  • 25th Moon and Saturn
  • 25th Constellation Taurus
  • 28th Jupiter and the Moon
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse



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