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The Night Sky in January! 1 Jan 2023 What to look out for in the night sky from Eynsham.

The Night Sky in January!

This is not intended to be comprehensive - it is a quick guide to help you find a few things in the night sky without any equipment - just your eyes.

All of these are very bright and easy to find when walking around the village.

The planets - Mars, Jupiter and Saturn (very low) can all be seen this month. Jupiter and Mars are looking impressive in the sky - you will be able to see the moons of Jupiter with a pair of binoculars or a small telescope. Venus is now close to the Sun - so do not look when the sun is up

Look out for the Moon and Pleiades together on the 2nd.

The full Moon is on the 6th - it is at its furthest distance away from us but you will not see much difference with your eyes.

There is early evening and very bright International Space Station pass on the 8th.- which passes through thhe constellation Orion.

I have made the following charts to help you find: -

  • The phases of the Moon
  • Moon and the Pleiades - 2nd
  • The Moon and Mars - 3rd 
  • A early and bright ISS pass on the 8th starting at 18:59 hrs and lasts 5 minutes
  • Moon, Venus and Saturn - 23rd
  • Jupiter, Venus and Saturn with the Moon - 25th
  • Constellations in the south


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