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Botanical Survey & Scything Workshops 11 Jul 2022 Join us on Eynsham's community meadows, 17 July 2pm, meeting at Dovehouse Meadow

It's that time of year again where we need to survey and scythe Eynsham's Community Meadows. These meadows are in Dovehouse Close, St Leonard's Churchyard, the Fishponds, Peace Oak Orchard and a number of private greens around Eynsham. In order to maximise long-term success, two years ago we took the precaution of sowing only yellow rattle seed. This annual plant is a semi-parasite on grass and so reduces it's growth. This meant that when we eventually sowed the wildflower seed last autumn, it wouldn't be shaded by vigorous grasses and with any luck it should have grown well this summer.

Long Mead’s ancient meadow was cut this week. It’s protégé – Eynsham Playing Fields’ Carnival Meadow – was cut before the Carnival and now it's time to survey and cut the other community meadows.

We will be surveying Dovehouse Meadow on 17th July at 2pm followed by scything at 3pm of Dovehouse and then the others.

Please join us for botanising and/or scything whether you a novice, a one year apprentice or a pro…

Do please register on the website here as it really helps to know numbers in advance. Get in touch if you are having difficulties negotiating the website.


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