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Literary Eynsham 7 Dec 2023 A new contribution to our feature on Eynsham-based writers... just in time for Christmas :-)

Thanks to Jaqueline Mitchell for drawing our attention to her latest publication. Birds: An Anthology ‘brings together poetry and prose in celebration of birds, records their behaviour, flight, song and migration, the changes across the seasons and in different habitats – in woodland and pasture, on river, shoreline and at sea – and our own interaction with them’. And the woodcuts by Eric Fitch Daglish, as the cover sample shows, are a delight.

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Further contributions are welcome!

DATELINE 19/05/2023: Our list of Eynsham-based writers and publications about Eynsham expands again...

Lately: cover illustration Henry Moore’s hands © Gemma LevineIt’s a pleasure to share two very recent publications, by Ursula Howard and Stephen Yeo. Ursula’s biography of her grandmother Bessie Quinn (2022) is aptly illustrated by the map below, tracing journeys across the generations.

Stephen Yeo’s first poetry collection, Lately, evolved in three Covid-plus years and launches on 26 May. Do check the generous preview.


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