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Literary Eynsham 14 Jun 2022 A list of Eynsham-based writers and publications about Eynsham. The story starts with Aelfric, of course...

This list is a work in progress, prompted by the forthcoming commemoration of Ælfric Grammaticus on 1 July. Do get in touch to expand it!

Author links are for entries on our website. Feel free to disregard the commercial book links: other suppliers are available ;-) Why not start in Eynsham Library?

* = lives or lived in Eynsham

abbey scholare © Caroline WrightAelfric* - Letter to the Monks of Eynsham (c1005) and numerous other writings; study by Eynsham Primary School (2005)

Don Chapman*

Elizabeth de VilliersSwinford Bridge (1969)

Jonathan Ferrier*Arvor’s Schooldays (2013) – children’s paperback, in Post Office

Eric Gordon* - St Hugh and Eynsham Abbey (1986)

Alan HardyEynsham: A Village and its Abbey (2003)

Martin Harris

Mollie Harris* aka Martha Woodford of the Archers – From Acre End records the memories of Eynsham residents

Doreen Hockedy & others* – The Eynsham Cookbook (2010)

Tim Jordan*

Penelope LivelyThe Ghost of Thomas Kempe (1973) – children’s book, loosely based in Eynsham

Steve Lord*Walking with Charlie: in the footsteps of the Forty-Five (2003)

Mary Oakeley*The Long Timetable (1997) – autobiography

Nick Page* – over 80 (!) books on religious themes, for both adults and children

Steve Parrinder*The Lost Abbey of Eynsham (2019)

Helen Peacocke*

Pamela Richards*

  • Eynsham: A Chronicle (2005)
  • Eynsham: A Place of Sure Foundation (2011)

Lilian Wright*St Leonard’s Eynsham: the story of an English parish church (2nd edn, 1987)

Thanks to Martin Harris’s study in Eynsham Record 25 (2008) pp 4-9.


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