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Good History

The Junior History Group of Eynsham Primary School published this journal from 1995-2006: editor Pamela Richards. It generally appeared twice a year, with support and contributions from many residents, especially for the Story of our Shops (1998).

Three special issues covered Eynsham Inns (1997), School History 1967-1999 and Aelfric the Teacher (2005).

“We are the only Primary School Group doing this kind of research and all our work is recognised by the Oxford Local Studies Centre.”


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  • “I particularly remember learning about Eynsham Abbey. This involved looking at maps of the grounds, learning a bit of Latin, making illuminated letters, learning how the monks would have lived, and doing a short play about Aelfric and the colloquy, which we performed for the school and for the EHG.
  • “Another interesting topic was the 1901 census. We looked at maps of the village in 1901, and I was surprised by which parts are still around, and how small the village seemed. We also looked at the types of jobs then, and I researched the rope-making business in the village. A lot of names seemed familiar, so some of us researched a bit about family trees, and this in turn sparked an interest in where our names originated. I still remember that my surname of 'Marks' either came from one of my ancestors being a 'marksman' (good with a gun or bow and arrow), or a stallholder at a market, who was once also called a 'marksman'.
  • “On behalf of all who took part I would like to thank Mrs Richards for leading us so well, and helping us to understand the way the world is what it is.”

Eynsham Junior History Group 1987-2007 recalled by Matthew J Marks in Eynsham Record 26, 2009.

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