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New Recycling Challenge? 30 Nov 2020 Barnard Gate bus shelter, then & now

Parish Council discussions on this building’s future have prompted this note from Sue Butler-Miles.

‘The shelter was erected early 1970s after Barnard Gate was bypassed in 1972. I used to stand on the corner in all weathers, waiting for the bus into Oxford for work, until 1970 when the family came along.

‘The buses were eventually stopped from coming into BG, the bus company saying it was too dangerous drawing out onto the A40! When the children were school age from 1975 there was a school bus provided into Cogges and Witney (they were the designated schools in those days).

‘The shelter has had an eventful life. After a bad storm it was blown over the hedge into the field, Norm and some parish councillors came to put it up again. I can’t remember when but the Parish Council were going to take it down, I wrote to them asking it to remain as there were 7 children catching the school bus at the time, probably the late 1970s early 1980s.

‘The original notice board was put up by the Denham family who started 3D Aluminum and lived in Barnard Gate at the time; and the parish council used to put all their info etc. there.

‘Swallows have nested in it for many years, although I don’t think they did this year, as well as cyclists using it as a pit stop.’

Do add your stories - or suggest future uses to the Clerk! The cost of repair is quoted at around £3,000.

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