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Eynsham Food Bank: Help Required! 1 Sep 2022 Please consider making a regular monthly donation if you are in a position to do so, as demand is starting to increase

Firstly, a very big thankyou to everyone who has contributed to the FB. Whether that been as a volunteer packing or delivering food parcels, shelf stacking, donating goods in one of the drop off baskets or donating money. We have now distributed over 5,000 food parcels to over 170 different households.

You will not be surprised to know demand is starting to increase as the current economic situation affects more people. So far since March 2020 we have spent over £33,500 – all on food purchases - and via donations and grants received £39,500. Our current expenditure is running at  around £500 per week as we support some 50 households. Therefore to maintain the service we need to be in receipt of £2,000 per month.

As the service has expanded we have now put the FB within the structure of the Eynsham Good Neighbour Network (EGNN) to facilitate some of the administrative requirements. To ensure we can continue to provide the current level of support - and in anticipation of a growing demand - we really need to be able to predict our income. Therefore I am seeking help by asking for those in a position to do so to consider making a regular monthly donation to the Eynsham Foodbank.

If you can help in this way please contact me for details of the EGNN bank account - or call me on 07738 063 083.

One-off donations can still be made by cheque or by transfer (cheques made out to EGNN), or by using our GoFundMe website:

GoFundMe Community Support Fund

We are also looking for more volunteers to join the service. Mainly this will mean joining the packers on a Thursday afternoon or the pool of drivers on a Friday morning, but other opportunities exist! If you are interested please contact me for specific information.

Also please note we now have a dedicated phone for the Foodbank - its number is 07450 328 530. All requests for the service should now use this number.

Thanks again to all who have made possible what has been achieved so far, the community of Eynsham is a great place to live!

Bob Thiele: 07738 063 083