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A Week in the Life of ... 25 May 2022 Behind the scenes at Eynsham Food Bank as concerns about the cost of living rise

Eynsham Food Bank (EFB) is run by a growing team of volunteers. We have packers, delivery drivers, shelf stackers, box collectors, stock collectors and food purchasers! Most days involves one or more of these activities. A typical week looks something like this:

Monday/Tuesday: Review new requests and changes to existing recipients; update team rotas; order non-food items (e.g. toilet rolls).

Wednesday: Collect fresh food produce from Oxford Food Hub. Check and collect from food donation points in Co-op, Spar and Market Garden. Unload along with supermarket delivery order at Eynsham Baptist Church.


  • AM: Sort and pack fresh food into bags for...
  • PM: Pack each household’s order


  • AM: Collect fresh milk and add to each delivery.
  • PM: Deliver food parcels and then review future stock needs and shop for un-delivered items.

Saturday: Place online order for next week’s delivery.

Behind all this activity are the following statistics:

Since March 2020, when EFB started, we have delivered over 4,000 food parcels to over 150 households. And all this has only been possible because of all those who have volunteered to help, plus all the donations we have received to cover the costs – both in food donations and money.

Donations from both individuals and organisations within the community of Eynsham have raised over £22,000 for the Food Bank (THANK YOU!) and together with grants and other funding we have received in total some £37,000. Our costs so far total £28,000. Currently we are supporting 44 households and our average weekly expenditure (100% on delivered items) is £450.

Given all the economic news about increased costs on heating and food prices, we are anticipating an increasing demand for the service over the coming months.

If you would like to support EFB we still have our GoFundMe website:


In addition, we are looking for sponsors who would be willing to make a monthly standing order payment so we can plan for the future.

For any further information or offers of assistance, or to receive a service, please call 07738 063083.

Thank you again for all the support we have received.

Bob Thiele