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1st Eynsham Beaver Scouts News

Beavers do "DR ABC" 13 Nov 2023 In which Eynsham Beavers practise our emergency first aid.

Today the Beavers worked hard learning about "DR ABC" - what you would do to help someone who had collapsed, without getting into danger yourself.

Here's Winston and Amy of the St John's Ambulance in a short video to explain.

We ended up by rolling our 'casualties' into the Recovery Position. With good technique it's possible to roll someone much larger than yourself into the Recovery Position. My (totally optional) challenge to the Beavers was to see if they could do that with a willing adult volunteer - Mum or Dad or another family grown-up.

Here's a video (Winston and Amy again)  showing the right technique, so that any Beavers and adults who want to try this can remind themselves of what to do

It's a very useful skill to learn and practise!