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250 years of Oxford Weather 14 Feb 2023 Unambiguous local evidence of climate change from an impeccable source. Do share...

Eynsham History Group held a joint meeting with the Eynsham Society on 2 February where we were addressed by Professor Stephen Burt of Reading University.

250 years of Oxford weather is a follow-up to his book on the subject (published by OUP in 2019), which focuses on measurements made over this period at the Green Templeton College Radcliffe Observatory site.

As well as general observations about the climate made by various researchers, he showed two slides in particular which we feel should be more widely shared.

  1. The ‘Oxford Climate Stripe’ shows, rather like tree ring sections, the effect of incremental average temperature changes over the years. Red lines indicate warmer years - all in the last 15 years. Slide © Professor Ed Hawkins.
  2. Oxford past, present and future, illustrated by comparisons with European cities such as Madrid and Marseille, if our average mean temperatures rise by 3.3 to 5.7° C as predicted. This slide © Prof Burt.

Nigel Swietalski



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