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We are a family run Day Care and Early Years Education Nursery established in 1999. At our nursery the order of the day for all ages is Play! Eat! Rest! We are really all about creating a safe home from home environment where babies and children can play and learn, socialise and grow and thrive ready for the next stop in their learning journey…’Big School’!

We take every opportunity to inspire children to foster a love of life and learning. A lucky find last spring perfectly illustrates this when I came across a big ‘nestless’ goose egg on the shore of the river at Port Meadow whilst out walking my dogs. Instantly I knew our little ones would be fascinated to see it. Straight away it sparked questions like “What’s inside it?”, “How did it get there?” and “Will it hatch?”

There started our journey of learning and we became young ornithologists and we spotted so many birds and listened to their calls out in our Eynsham community. We could recognise the call of the Red Kites and Magpies and children brought in their own lucky finds too. We compared nests of pigeons and sparrows and found the little one very cosy with fluff and moss whilst the pigeon’s was scratchy and spikey with twigs and sticks! But then we considered our Goose egg might not be a bird…was it a snake, a lizard or…a dinosaur?! We made our very own Jurassic world at nursery and became palaeontologists with special ‘digs’ to find fossils and treasures. We enjoyed songs and stories to support our discoveries and role played being in a land of dinosaurs … such excitement! But all the while learning in subjects across the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum including...

  • personal, social and emotional development.
  • communication and language.
  • physical development.
  • literacy.
  • mathematics.
  • understanding the world.
  • expressive arts and design.

Find Us

The Oxford Nursery Eynsham

49 Witney Road
Oxfordshire  OX29 4PL

T: 07950 037 619

Hours: Monday-Friday 07:30-18:00

After all that play and learning we are mighty hungry! We enjoy nutritious snacks of fruits, vegetables, cheeses and baked goods that we may even have made ourselves. Lunch is always cooked freshly on the premises and each daily option taken from our seasonal menus on a 4 week rotation… the pasta dishes are a big favourite with fresh seasonal vegetables and always a fresh fruit salad on alternating days with something like an apple pie and custard but always delicious and nutritious. We enjoy milk or jugs of water that our big ‘Scholar’ children pour for everyone because we like to be self-reliant.

We are proud of our expertise and our commitment to the continued professional development of our team members and we have a variety of qualifications and experience to showcase our knowledge and understanding in Early Years from qualified teachers to Early Years Foundation Degrees, NVQ 3’s and very committed unqualified team members embarking on their studies. We are passionate about our careers and have regular updates on Safeguarding children, First Aid, Positive Behaviour Management to name a few.

Our days are always busy and our children are secure in the pattern and structure of events and we love the way they ‘own’ their nursery.

We are always keen to share all that we do with parents and friends and hold regular parents as teacher days as well as lovely events such as Nativity Plays and Harvest Suppers. We embrace all religions, cultures and ethnicities and love nothing more than celebrating festivals and events throughout the year that might showcase the lives and cultures of others for example, Chinese New Year, Diwali and Sukkot. We consider ourselves worldly and passionate about all life.

I could share so much more that we do but it’s better you come find out for yourselves… we look forward to meeting you! 

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