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Serious Fun for kids

What is it?

Your curious kids will love our boxes of fascinating and fun experiments and activities!

We have taken our love of all things science and our mission to make science awesome for all and parcelled it up into a box for families of 7-11 year-olds.

With a different box each month, collectable lab kit, super science role model and oodles of extras The Curiosity Box is like a science club that keeps you going all month, for less than a family trip to the cinema.

We are parents and we know all too well the rush and riot of life so we want this to make life easy for you. We always aim to include everything you need in the box, no thinking, no sourcing, just fun.

Science and young people can and do change the world and we can't wait to see what your Curiosity Cadet might create!

Find Us

The Curiosity Box

1 Abbey Street
Oxfordshire  OX29 4TB

Hours: online 24/7, in store Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00

What people think of it

"heart-warmingly, Isabel took the dough experiment to school and demonstrated it to her class, for which her head teacher gave her a prize at the end of the week." parent of a Curiosity Cadet

"I loved the way I could do craft and science at the same time." Alys, aged 8

"We have loved everything about it so far. Both of my daughters, aged 4 and 8, have really enjoyed the activities. We loved having pretty much everything we needed in one box, and the instructions are clear and fun." Parent of a Curiosity Cadet

"I love this idea, I can really see it helping schools and families to work better together." Science Teacher

"Everything was great and really good value, especially when compared to other kits to buy online." Parent of a Curiosity Cadet

"I am going to try more experiments at home now, because this was so fun!" Dylan, aged 9


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Inside the box! - A sneak peak inside our Power Box, exploring electricity with some of the creations we have been sent by our Curiosity Cadets
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