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Come along and enjoy a friendly evening of folk music. If you would like to sing, play an instrument, or even recite a poem, come and have a go - you will be most welcome.

Our name reflects the eclectic nature of the music; folk, country, jazz - vocal or instrumental, the club offers a chance to develop confidence and performing skills in a friendly and supportive setting. Some of us have sung in public for the first time, and even taken up new instruments because of it. Perhaps most important of all, we've all made new friends and had a lot of fun.

Larry Poole adds: “You couldn’t come up with a more varied set of talents in the X-Factor. A typical evening might contain a few lilting, traditional folk songs, but just as likely some raucous scrumpy and western, a whiff of smoke-filled-jazz club, the delicate tones of a dulcimer or the haunting Northumbrian pipes. There are also more familiar concertinas, fiddles, recorders, banjos, ukes and kazoos. Humour and fun are the keynote and the club is open to all. Get in touch or just turn up.”

Eynsham Acoustic Club is back on in the Swan function room, at 8pm on the first Sunday of the month!

Please note: There will be no Acoustic Club on Sunday 5 June 2022

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The Swan Hotel

21 Acre End Street
Oxfordshire  OX29 4PE

Hours: 1st Sunday of month 20:00 - 22:30

Eynsham Image ArchiveEynsham HeritageEynsham Venue HireMaps & Walks