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cairns & information panels mark the former Abbey precinct

Abbey Heritage Trail

Abbey Heritage Trail (31 Oct 2001)

Eynsham Abbey was demolished under Henry VIII but the stones have been recycled endlessly around the village - this set from excavations in St Peter's churchyard during the 1990s, first reported in the Eynsham Record 10, 1993, pages 5-17 (opens in new window). The panels were designed by Harry Lange; text from the 2001 leaflet below.

Eynsham Abbey Heritage TrailTake the tour! - new interactive guide from Alan Craft

1. Although the first station you see may be the one in the market place, it is best to begin the tour in the car park of St Peters Church, in front of the main display Station 1.

2. From there Station 2 is 50m away, just outside the car park entrance in Abbey Street, beside the entrance to Abbey Farm.

3. To follow the perimeter of the precinct, walk up Abbey Street to the corner of Acre End Street (by The Jolly Sportsman). Turn left, and continue until you come to Station Road on your left, by The Swan Inn. Walk down Station Road for about 300m until you see a small car park on your left, where you will find Station 3. (A short cut can be taken by using Swan Street instead of Acre End Street.)

4. From Station 3, follow the footpath through the abbey's fishponds area for about 250 m, until you come out into the playing fields. Keep on for another 100m to find Station 4, on your right.

5. From Station 4 continue around the sports pitch for 200m to find Station 5.

6. From Station 5 continue to the entrance to the playing field. Turn left and walk back into the village, about 400m, until you see the market place on your left. There you will find Station 6.

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