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Eynsham Record 28 18 Apr 2013 (Eynsham Record) Another issue of the Eynsham Record goes online today.

Another issue of the Eynsham Record, annual journal of the Eynsham History Group, goes online today.

Brian Atkins, who has edited The Record from its beginnings in 1984, notes “some inadvertent, unplanned connections in several of the articles in this number. Tim Jordan writes about the barns and other farm buildings, including Blankstones Farm ... while Michael Morley who lived there reminisces about his life and times; and Pamela Richards, in her article, mentions some of the early farmers and allied tradespeople in the village. ...”

As Tim Jordan's earlier work on Cotswold Barns demonstrates, the photography (mostly his own) is striking enough in itself. Michael Morley's piece, which first appeared on this website in 2010, now finds its proper place in local history. And Pamela Richards has uncovered an amazing variety of trades from wills, family papers and census returns: glovers, tanners, sawyers, weavers, tallow chandlers, paper and rope makers, to name a few.

Other articles include:

  • Winnie's War (the story of a barrage balloon operator in the WAAF) by Daisy Ainslie Grabsky
  • We Didn't Mean to go to Sea: an encounter with a 17th century press gang by Donald S Richards.

As ever, the briefer notes are a source of interest and delight; and The Record excels itself this year in the way of images.


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