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Sarah worked for many years as an architect and now specialises in the conservation of historic parks and gardens. She is also part of Historic Environment Associates, an interdisciplinary consultancy specialising in the conservation of historic buildings and landscapes.

Since training as an architect Sarah has had a keen interest in sustainable building and local renewable energy. In recent years she has led the energy group of GreenTEA (Transition Eynsham area) in promoting community energy, energy saving and zero carbon development. The current focus is on the Eynsham Smart and Fair Futures Project which is part of Project LEO, ‘one of the most ambitious, wide-ranging, innovative, and holistic smart grid trials ever conducted in the UK.’ It is smart in the flexible way that energy is used and fair in being accessible and affordable.

The Low Carbon Hub is managing this project to accelerate the transition to zero carbon by developing an Energy Action Plan for the Eynsham primary distribution area. The Plan will model a smarter, flexible zero carbon electricity system with fair access for households, businesses, and communities, to realise the social, economic and environmental opportunities and benefits it will bring.

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Eynsham Village ShowEynsham Image ArchiveMaps & WalksEynsham Heritage