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Green Transport

*New local transport initiatives - January 2023*

First & Last Mile CIC - this service has been running for a year connecting up the villages around Eynsham with a locally run community bus. Please use it, and consider helping out the volunteers who have made this service possible: firstandlastmile.org.uk

If you want to take the bus to get further afield, you can also use the £2 fare scheme operative on most local services from 1 January - 31 March 2023. Here is a map of the possibilities.

Eynsham car share scheme - now operating within Eynsham and being run through HiyaCar, which manages the EynCar Closed loop and deals with insurance, booking, invoicing and payments. Once you are set up it is as easy as making a contactless payment in a shop. We have chosen the Closed Loop model as we think this will work well in Eynsham where people may know one another and this can build trust.

Travel accounts for at least 20% of the average UK person’s carbon emissions. Long-haul flights may increase this to 50% Since most forms of transport rely on oil, improvements are important in tackling both climate change and declining oil. This does involve us thinking about transport differently and reducing our current reliance on the car. There are strong financial reasons to change our transport habits too: the average household spends more than £60/week on travel.

The green travel group is exploring ways that transport can be made more environmentally friendly, while allowing us to continue to travel as we would like (as far as possible). For example, we have:

  • run a successful cycle maintenance workshop
  • contributed to the District’s popular Green Travel Map and the individual Eynsham Map
  • advised where cycle parking should go in Eynsham and local areas.

We are currently lobbying to get a cycle route / community path between Eynsham and Botley (West Oxford). If you are interested in any area of our work, please get in touch.

We have recently (January 2019) submitted a response to the A40 consultation - see downloads at the end of this page.

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