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Helping you save resources

Each year we generate nearly 300 million tonnes of waste - that’s nearly 5 tonnes for each person (including, perhaps especially, children!) This waste causes environmental damage and costs businesses - and consumers - money.

Things are getting better: we re-cycle about four times as much waste now as we did ten years ago. However there’s still a long way to go.

We produce about 8 million tonnes of food-and-drink waste - 7 million tonnes of which is food. Think of that - 7 million tonnes of food. Even if you didn’t eat it, you could make electricity out of it - and save carbon. A tonne of food waste, converted into electricity, saves the equivalent of a tonne of carbon dioxide.


Bunting made in autumn 2021 for the Big Green Week used recycled fabric. It's available for anyone in the community to borrow. Please contact Liz Bickley.

Repair Cafe

Get advice and help to mend things, instead of throwing them away.

Eynsham Repair Cafe in the Village Hall every 2 months. We will have repairers offering their services at this community event. You can bring electric items, sewing, bikes, sharpening and more. Our repairers can advise and do quick repairs. There is a cafe with hot and cold drinks, biscuits and cakes, while you wait. 


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September 2021 - Big Green week, bunting - Photographer Liz Bickleyland-fill

Swap Shop

Swap Shops are our regular community recycle-reuse events.

**No events / dates at present**

Bring any unwanted articles, take away anything you fancy, do one or the other, or both - you don’t need to bring anything to take something. Our volunteer helpers run two events a year in Eynsham, spring and autumn.

It’s all entirely free (donations are, of course, welcome) so do come along - enquiries to Liz Bickley.

Electricals: Though we no longer accept TVs, computers, or printers we are happy to take other electrical items. These are PAT-tested by a qualified volunteer before being put out for swapping. Find yourself a new kettle, iron, crock-pot, or hair straighteners. Anything that fails the test is taken by us for recycling.

Crafts: Swap Shop is also brilliant for finding bits for projects and craft. You can find anything from garden furniture to LPs, clothes, toys, puzzles, teapots, wallpaper …

Please don't bring: Please note that Swap Shop can no longer take any of the materials on Oxfordshire County Council's Chargeable Waste list. Larger articles should not be brought to Swap Shop but should be photographed and a poster made with the telephone number to contact. No TVs, computers, printers. Nothing should be left before volunteers arrive at about 9.15, but we continue to accept items until mid morning (10.30am). At the end of the morning any remaining items are taken to charity shops.

Meanwhile ...

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