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Over to You magazine 26/06/2020

Don’t miss our earlier issues! OTY 29/05/20, OTY 15/05/2020, OTY 01/05/2020 and OTY2 are still available.

Solidarity in Eynsham

Local Extinction Rebellion members supported the Black Lives Matter movement after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  On a beautiful Sunday morning on 7 June 2020, socially distanced protesters - some accompanied by their children - gently shared their messages as local people queued for or drank their morning coffee in Eynsham Square. Thumbs up and nods from passers by created moments of silent solidarity with black people everywhere. [SM: See three photos of the event in the Gallery below.]

If you would like to learn more about our West Oxford Extinction Rebellion (XR) group and how to get involved, please email - Angie Titchen

Eynsham Jigsaw

This issue's jigsaw is of a lovely photo by Ian White (see 'A village view' in the Gallery below). To enjoy the jigsaw, go to: Remember, you can change the number of jigsaw pieces to suit you, you can see the original image and you can also change the background colour. Have fun piecing it all together!

Sofa Singers

During lockdown - and still self-isolating - I have been really enjoying singing with the Sofa Singers. Set up by musician and choir leader, James Sills, this online choir - held on Zoom and free to all - is light-hearted and fun, totally relaxed and super-relaxing! James teaches a new song each week to the hundreds of people who sign up a Tuesday evening or Friday morning session. The only people you can hear singing are James - and yourself! But it's so connecting knowing that others, who you can see on-screen, are singing with you. To find out more: go to I highly recommend it!

Eynsham News in coronavirus times

We have written a blog post about Eynsham News on the Eynsham Lockdown website, which records Eynsham people's experiences of lockdown and the pandemic. Read the blog post to find out how EN has evolved in the face of recent challenges, and our thoughts and feelings about the process.


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Local XR members support Black Lives Matter - Members of the local Extinction Rebellion group stand in the Square in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests, on 7 June 2020. - Photographer Angie TitchenLocal XR group supports Black Lives Matter - Members of the local Extinction Rebellion group stand in the Square in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests, on 7 June 2020. - Photographer Angie TitchenBlack Lives Matter banners - Black Lives Matter banners, made by members of the local Extinction Rebellion group, placed against the Bartholomew Room in the Square on 7 June 2020.  - Photographer Angie TitchenA village view - Photograph of a street, house and trees in Eynsham - Photographer Ian White

'Home thoughts, from home'

Thanks to Rick Taylor for this poem which, he says, is based on a famous poem called 'Home thoughts, from abroad' written by Robert Browning in Italy in 1845. His description of Eynsham in spring is just perfect - although Rick says his use of piglets in the poem is poetic licence! Can anyone tell him otherwise?!

Glad to be in Eynsham
Now that April's here,
And whoever wakes in Eynsham
Sees, each morning, bright and clear,
That the rook is nesting in the topmost bough,           
In the meadows grazing, horse and cow,
And piglets suckle the contented sow
In Eynsham—now!

And after April, when May ensues,
And the sun soon dries the morning dews,
Hark, where the blossoming blackthorn in the hedge
Scatters its delicate petals on the grass—
Nature’s confetti at the meadow’s edge—
Calling for attention to all who pass:
That’s the chiffchaff, singing again and again,
Proudly declaring his simple name!
And though the primroses have had their day,
Carpets of bluebells make the woodlands gay.
Fresh leaves and grass, hawthorn and Queen Anne’s Lace
Spread hues of green and white all o’er the place.

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