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EYNSHAM COUNTRY MARKET is part of the network of Country Markets Ltd operating in England, Wales and the Channel Islands. Eynsham is one of more than 300 country markets in the organisation. Oxfordshire has four markets and in Eynsham we have about 40 active suppliers coming from Eynsham itself, Appleton, the Hanboroughs, Carterton, Cumnor, Freeland, Aston and Standlake.

Contributors range from home cooks (all with up to date Food Hygiene certificates) to craftsmen and women, fruit and vegetable growers, bee keepers or egg suppliers. Some support the Market on a regular basis with seasonal produce while some come just occasionally, bringing chrysanthemums in autumn for example, or cabbages in spring. ECM reflects the true seasons of the year, champions local skills and produce - and cuts food miles.

So come along to the Market Square, outside the Red Lion, between 9:00 and 10:30 on a Thursday morning from February to December and you will find our stalls selling a great display of seasonal home made goods - cakes, breads, tarts, savouries, cookies, local eggs, honey, jams, chutneys and marmalades. In season find locally grown fruit, root and green vegetables, posies of flowers, herbs and plants ready for planting out. Find something for supper, the freezer or for vegetarians. The hand-crafts section includes beautiful greeting cards, needlework, wooden and knitted goods and, also in season, willow garden plant supports.

ECM now supplies produce on a regular basis for local community outlets so customers unable to reach our market can purchase some of our products at a more convenient time.

Eynsham Country Market’s queue at opening time is famous across the village, cheerful in any weather. Perishable produce is often sold within 15 minutes but orders for collection later can be taken. There are often free samples of produce from our home cooks to allow customers that chance to sample before deciding what to buy.

Thinking of a special occasion or gift? Consider a Country Market hamper and ask us about this service. For this or other queries (perhaps you could be interested in joining the team in some capacity?) please contact us.


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