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Soft Tissue Massage For Every Day Life

What Is Soft Tissue Massage

The first question is what is soft tissue?

Soft tissue is all the tissue in the body that is not hardened such as as bones and teeth. It connects, surrounds or supports internal organs and bones, and includes muscles, tendons and ligament and fascia

Sports and Remedial Massage is the treatment of those soft tissues and is effective for many kinds of muscular and soft tissue problems caused by injury, posture, occupation, emotional stress, sporting activities, repetitive strains and surgery.

This style of massage not only helps in easing pain and aiding recovery but is also very effective injury, therefore, it’s a great to include it as an integral part of any maintenance program or any training and fitness program.

Are you any of the following?

Less Inclined
Active at Work
Less Active at Work
..and Vibrant
Sore, Injured
Had Surgery, Due Surgery

Who is it for?

It’s for EVERYONE, whether you have a training or fitness program you’re following, an active job and are mobile all day. It’s for those of us who find themselves stuck at a computer for long hours. It is for the older generation, and the younger generation. It is for long term and short term injury and soreness. It is for those who have surgery and help aid recovery.

Can Help With...

General aches and pain
Lower back pain or stiffness
Stiff neck and shoulders
Stiff posture
Sore hips

And The Benefits...

Helps to restore mobility to stiff, injured and / or aching muscles and joints
Reduces stress and tension
Can relieve headaches
Aids deep relaxation and improves sleep
Reduces the frequency of injuries
Speeds up the recovery process after exercise

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