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What We Do

This Foundation makes money grants to people under 25 living in the parish of Eynsham. 

Every application is considered on its merits. Anyone who qualifies may apply - the scheme is not restricted to people with a low income.

Grants may be made ...

  • To help apprentices or trainees buy tools, books, instruments, clothing, etc. when they leave school or college and want to enter a trade or profession;
  • To assist travel abroad for educational purposes;
  • To help those studying music or other arts;
  • To assist in providing physical training or recreational or social facilities of any kind not normally made available by the educational authority;
  • To provide financial assistance at school or college; and
  • To promote in any other way the education of people who qualify.

Grants can also be made ...

... to bodies providing educational facilities (including physical training, recreational or social facilities) for people under 25 in the parish, provided these grants are for particular educational purposes and the Foundation meets the needs of individual applicants first.

About the foundation

A Registered Charity (no. 309278), it operates under a constitution set up by the Charity Commission. There are eight Trustees - three appointed by Oxfordshire County Council and four appointed by Eynsham Parish Council; and the Vicar of Eynsham.

A report is made each spring to the Eynsham Parish Meeting; the names of people receiving grants are not made public.

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