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Road Sharing News

‘Returning Eynsham Streets to People’ 29 Apr 2022 Cyclox hails a County Council decision to reduce speed limits in and around the village.

Eynsham is next in line to become a 20mph zone, following OCC’s Highway Management meeting on 28 April. The proposals will see...

  • A reduction of the current village-wide 30mph speed limit to 20mph;
  • New 40mph ‘buffer’ speed limits on approaches/ peripheral routes (B4044 Oxford Road and B4449 to the east and south);
  • A new 30mph speed limit on the approach along the Cassington Road from the A40.

The report on the formal consultation held from 3 March to 1 April includes this summary of the eighty-four responses...

Consultation: 20, 30 and 40mph speed limits
Proposal Object Concerns Support No opinion
20mph limit 17 (20%) 6 (7%) 61 (73%) -
30mph limit (Cassington Road) 14 (17%) 5 (6%) 60 (71%) 5 (6%)
40mph limits 21 (25%) 12 (14%) 44 (52%) 7 (8%)

Thames Valley Police objected to the proposals.

‘Decisions taken will become effective at the end of the working day on Friday, 6 May 2022 unless called in by that date for review by the appropriate Scrutiny Committee’. OCC explains how the new system will work.

The implementation costs to be borne by local ratepayers are understood to be in the region of £10,000. The Parish Council is setting up a community Speedwatch group to help monitoring and enforcement - enquiries to Tricia Crowley.


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