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LABOUR: Veronica Oakeshott for CHANGE 2 Jul 2024 Vote for Veronica Oakshott for Labour at Eynsham Village Hall Back Lane this Thursday 4th July 7am -10pm. Remember PHOTO ID

Veronica, whose grandfather lived in Eynsham, is an experienced campaigner who GETS THINGS DONE.  She has already improved the law to protect vulnerable people by cracking down on domestic abuse perpetrators and protecting those living with HIV. She has written laws to stop companies destroying the environment.

Labour is the only party capable of replacing the current Government, and will never prop up the Tories in a coalition.  Labour are currently ahead of the LDs in our brand new Constituency of Bicester and Woodstock which has no current sitting MP.  Polls show it is very close here.  There are three parties who could win but only one who can deliver change: Labour!  So if you want to vote tactically Vote Labour!

So Vote Veronica Oakeshott this Thursday 4th July 24 at our Eynsham Village Hall Polling station in Back Lane from 7am to 10 pm.  And don’t forget to bring a PHOTO ID.