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Powering up 11 May 2018 Solar power in Eynsham and Oxfordshire is thriving

The sun is shining and Oxfordshire’s People’s Power Station is busy generating clean, green energy from thousands of solar panels.

Solar power in Oxfordshire is a big success story. There are now 223 sites plugged into the People's Power Station, generating enough energy to meet an amazing 3,781 people's share of Oxfordshire's total energy demands (domestic, commercial and industrial sectors), or enough for about 19,400 average households, and that’s without some big sites like the one at Barnard Gate.

In Eynsham we are doing well with 11 installations plugged in, generating nearly 65,000 kWh a year- that could power over 20 houses for a year- and it does not include pv panels on Cottsway houses (as these are counted in Witney). But we know there are many more installations which have not yet been added, so take a look at the website, think about installing pv panels if you do not have them and plug in!