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Green Travel News 4 Apr 2013 A new map of cycle, pedestrian and public transport routes; and more cycle stands around the village

West Oxfordshire Sustainable Transport Forum has produced a new map of cycle, pedestrian and public transport routes; download the Eynsham section below.

Eynsham's remaining developer-funded cycle stands are due for installation this month too, following last year's outside the Spar and at one of the bus stops on Witney Road north. After some delays negotiating with relevant landowners, the new sites are:

BACK LANE CAR PARK - two galvanised Sheffield stands just north of the toilet block, away from the dropped kerb on the footway in the car park, positioned so that pedestrians can still get past.

EYNSHAM LIBRARY, Mill Street - four galvanised Sheffield stands, subject to measuring, parallel and close to building wall to enable one cycle per stand.

MILL STREET NORTH - four galvanised Sheffield stands on the build-out in front of Rainbow House, at the same angle as the build-out to maintain aesthetics.

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