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There and Back Again 10 Oct 2016 The latest incarnation of the Lower Windrush Comet will run every Tuesday only.

The latest incarnation of the Lower Windrush Comet will run every Tuesday only for the foreseeable future, starting Tuesday 11 October.

The timetable is a modified version of the existing route, with one journey only in each direction and no longer serving Standlake - details follow.

Stop Time
Northmoor (Red Lion) 10:11
Bablock Hythe (Ferryman) 10:15
Stanton Harcourt (H'crt Arms) 10:21
Sutton (Sutton Lane) 10:22
Eynsham (Red Lion) 10:27
Eynsham (Red Lion) 13:34
Sutton (Sutton Lane) 13:39
Stanton Harcourt (H'crt Arms) 13:40
Bablock Hythe (Ferryman) 13:47
Northmoor (Red Lion) 13:51

Dateline 29/08/2016

After much work behind the scenes, the Comet - Lower Windrush Valley service has been reprieved for the time being. It continues until further notice, connecting Standlake, Northmoor, Bablockhythe, Stanton Harcourt and Eynsham on Tuesdays and Fridays.

But the funding quest goes on. It will continue only with your regular support.

Dateline 01/07/2016

A modest rescue package for Route 18 (Eynsham - Standlake leg) from 5 July, Tuesday and Friday only. It uses spare capacity on OCC minibuses, underwritten by parish councils and for the remainder of July and the whole of August will be provided free of charge

The official launch of the Lower Windrush Bus Service takes place on Monday 11 July at 13:30, outside the Harcourt Arms in Stanton Harcourt. This service will only continue if it is regularly used, please support this imaginative initiative.

The timetable is now on view ... use it or lose it!


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