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Chaos at Swinford Bridge 9 Feb 2022 Our intrepid photographer Ian White reports from the roadside as life returns to ‘normal’

Toll collection at Swinford Bridge resumed on 8 February, initially from 10:00-14:00, after a break of almost two years. Ian says...

‘I tried taking the pics from the other side of the road but it was too dangerous as there were too many heavy vehicles. Moving further away to get everything in proved pointlessas the large vehicles obliterated everything, so I settled on close up and focused on the toll booth and the newly arrived collectors that I could just pick out between vehicles. Not what I would have wanted but the best at the time and it does sum up the chaotic scene.

‘So I’ve ended up with a toll booth surrounded with vehicles large and small... Wish they had washed the booth before the opening, it looks terrible.’

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