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W. Eynsham masterplan to be submitted 19 Jan 2022 Building on our community's views, EPC, GreenTEA and EPIC have worked with land owners/developers to improve the masterplan.

Before Christmas (at both online and face to face community engagement events), many of us had our say to developers and landowners about their emerging masterplan for West Eynsham.

In addition, as invited members of the West Eynsham Liaison Group, Eynsham Parish Council, GreenTEA and EPIC commented on the emerging plan and published their joint response to it in Eynsham News (10 November 2021) . 

Last week, our three organisations received a revised version of the masterplan that the developers and landowners have prepared for discussion with WODC and OCC. It included a summary of your comments during the community engagement.

In a very quick turnaround, we scrutinised the revised plan and prepared a joint response, again highlighting required improvements and strongly re-iterating our outstanding and re-newed concerns.

As this development will seriously impact on Eynsham, we are pushing for WODC to put the masterplan out for public consultation when it is finalised. We have also asked the developers and landowners if we can publish their emerging plan here to give our community more time and space to consider the issues.

Hopefully, it will be onwards and upwards, especially if the Government brings about new planning laws as part of its Climate Change strategy, but we are not holding our breath just yet!


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