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Do you have any pictures like this? 8 Jul 2021 If so, did they prompt you to make any changes to your home, and have they worked?

Between 2013 and 2016, volunteers from GreenTEA took images like the one below of hundreds of houses in Eynsham and the neighbouring villages. These photographs show where heat is being lost, for example though lack of insulation in the roof or walls, or due to leaks around windows. We visited many households and offered support and ideas about ways to keep the heat in – making homes more comfortable, lowering bills, and saving carbon. Now we would like to know if any of the people involved in this project carried out any improvements, and whether you have noticed a difference? Perhaps you have recommendations which you could share, including local handymen or builders who have helped lower the heat losses in your home.

As part of Great Big Green Week, we would like to showcase some of the measures you have taken, large or small, and look at how to help more people with energy efficiency in their homes. Please get in touch and tell us your story!


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