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Room to Grow 30 Jun 2021 Would you like a bigger garden? Look no further!

Stephen Yeo and Ursula Howard would like to offer some inner-Eynsham, allotment-type growing space in Acre End Street.

‘Look over the field-gate which leads into our front garden and on the right-hand side of the drive you will see five beds, approx 12' x 5.5' each, divided by paths leading up to compost heaps, a silver birch and a fruit pen. They are currently full of edibles of various kinds.

‘We are looking for someone (or ones) to take over these conveniently-sized, easy access beds and use them as their own growing spaces. We can’t manage them much longer ourselves cos of advancing age - or, in Stephen’s case, back problems.

‘The sensible time to begin would probably be late autumn/ early winter of this year, or spring of 2022. Access though the field gate is easy and would not involve ‘permission’ each time.

‘If interested in exploring this possibility the first step would be to email Stephen Yeo or Ursula Howard as above. We have had good experiences of shared/ co-operative garden-use in the past, and now want to see if we can develop these to mutual advantage.’


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