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Action on Sewage & Flooding 4 Feb 2021 A call on Thames Water and the District Council to get their act together

We have watched in horror as Thames Water sewage tankers pipe excess waste from Standlake treatment works to open waterways around Eynsham. Their investment failure is openly acknowledged in standard responses to consultations, from Thornbury Green to the Garden Village to the first phase of Eynsham West:

‘Thames Water has identified an inability of the existing foul water network infrastructure to accommodate the needs of this development proposal.’

Throw in more frequent flooding - combined with OCC cutbacks to the clearance of gullies - and you have the ugly consequences documented by WASP (Windrush against Sewage Pollution).

County Councillor Charles Mathew continues raising awareness in the media. He deplores the government failure to address the issue by deferring the Environment Bill indefinitely - along with the Sewage (Inland Waters) Bill; and pleads for ‘an immediate cessation to the approval of new housing’ until the sewage infrastructure can cope. This is the headline story for 5 February on BBC South Today.

West Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats are also calling on the District Council to...

‘stop building houses where it makes flooding worse and... demand that the Government makes it illegal to pump untreated sewage into rivers’

Sign the petition

You can also contact local MP Robert Courts to highlight your concerns.


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