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Wild garlic soup 28 Mar 2014 fresh from a walk on the wild side...

Wild garlic is now bursting with life - you will discover it in semi shaded spots in moist woodlands. It grows in drifts of glorious white flowers that mingle with the bluebells. An aroma of garlic fills the air. It is a wondrous plant to cook with too, as every part of it is edible, even the leaves. Because of the garlic’s fragrance you will find this soup a splendid dish to serve at this time when you are not looking for robust, earthy flavours, rather something that’s gentle on the palate and promises of spring.

As the main ingredient costs nothing if harvested from the wild responsibly, and the other main ingredients such as potato, onion are reasonably priced, this soup is quite cheap to make, yet tastes like a seasonal dream.


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