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Jam Today, Jam Tomorrow 16 Nov 2017 (EPIC) The eagerly awaited WODC Local Plan revisions have gone around in circles. Eynsham - and A40 users -continue to take the strain

The eagerly-awaited revisions to WODC’s Local Plan have gone around in circles. After endless analysis by consultants, Eynsham continues to take the district quota of Oxford City’s ‘unmet housing need’ in full, plus an additional 450 allocated for ‘West Oxfordshire’ - see Cabinet Agenda Item 6, introduction and Appendix 3.

Reasonable alternatives to ‘Oxfordshire Cotswolds Garden Village’ and development to West of Eynsham are floated and dismissed - and provision of a western relief / western spine road is firmly back in place. WODC arguments in favour of adding further misery to A40 commuters appear naive at best:

‘closer relationship to Oxford in spatial terms ... planned proposals for strategic transport improvements on the A40 nearby including park and ride and bus priority ...’

The most galling thing for Eynsham residents will be the assertion that the Garden Village has ‘in principle support’ from Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan - ENP is legally bound to do this! - while ignoring every other ENP proposal.

The proposals were voted through at yesterday’s Cabinet meeting in what Parish Council Chairman Gordon Beach described as ‘a major travesty of natural justice’. Please download the review from Sarah Couch below and take the opportunity to comment in more detail on the four-week consultation, expected to begin next week.


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