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Against all the Odds 13 Oct 2014 (Eynsham Croquet Club) Another impressive year for Eynsham Croquet Club in 2014 reported by Tony Newport

We play two versions of croquet here, namely Association Croquet (AC) and Golf Croquet (GC). Both sections had play disrupted by the horrendous floods of winter 2013 / 14. The lawns were under water for 9 weeks and we are still working to repair the damage caused.

The AC section had a good year despite the floods, coming third from five in their League. They have strong opposition, especially Oxford University, so a pleasing result. Overall, an enjoyable summer’s play, including the Jemima Stokes Tournament, and regular meets on Thursday evenings (weather permitting).

The GC section had their most successful season for many years. We entered the Grass Roots and Centre Stage Competitions, reaching the national finals in September and winning both cups, which was quite an achievement for our small club. We won the Grass Roots Cup before in 2012 but the Centre Stage win was our first. Congratulations to Pat Edginton (Grass Roots winner) and Brian Hitchins (Centre Stage winner and Club Chairman - shown).

We also played friendly matches and internal competitions, with regular meetings on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. So all in all, an enjoyable and successful season.


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